Exclusive Recruitment Services

Xperian Recruitment knows how to recruit in just the way you imagined it should be done … but rarely is.

Understanding your vacancy

With Prince2 qualified recruiters who have been in business for many years, we can genuinely visualise your vacancy. Some of us have even worked in the roles you would like to recruit for.  Imagine that; recruiters who actually understand what you are talking about!

Attracting Candidates

We could give you the same old story about the strength of our candidate database and how wide our reach is. It counts for nothing unless a recruiter can talk to people in terms they really understand. We won’t tell your best potential candidates what a ‘project manager’ or a ‘business analyst’ does … that’s something they should already understand if they are in contact with us.  Instead, we’ll tell them how they will be using their skills and experience on a day to day basis in your organisation, with you.  We’ll tell them about the good stuff and any specific challenges, because there should be no surprises when they interview with you.  After all, the right person will want to take on those challenges.

Higher quality people

Wouldn’t that be great? How would you like to work with a recruitment company is trusted to select the best people for you? Stay focused on the best possible candidates and spot your ideal next employee faster.

Keeping candidates focused

Do you want your recruitment agent to sell your best candidate to other customers? Probably not. Xperian courts and presents each candidate exclusively for you so that the people we find are motivated by your vacancy and yours alone. It’s policy.


All this exclusive time, knowledge and care sounds expensive, doesn’t it? We promise that you’ll be surprised. We’ll match your rates for any poorer service and we’ll better any rate for a similar service. What have you got to lose? Give us a try.