Code of Practice

Xperian Recruitment Ltd works to a strict Code of Practice which ensures a consistent & professional approach with all of our clients

Our clients rely upon us to deliver a professional service and outstanding results with a transparent relationship across all parties. We treat both our clients and candidates fairly and honestly throughout the recruitment process.

Our summary Code of Practice outlines our core values and we are always happy to discuss these in detail. If you would like to offer feedback, please complete our contact form.


Xperian Recruitment Ltd will comply fully with relevant legislation when providing our services.


Xperian Recruitment Ltd will act honestly in its dealings with all clients and candidates and will not seek to mislead either party. Assignments, fees and charges will be agreed in advance between the client and Xperian Recruitment Ltd.


Xperian Recruitment Ltd will not interfere with a candidate’s relationship with other recruitment companies nor will it seek to interfere with a candidate’s alternative employment options.


Xperian Recruitment Ltd will treat clients and candidates without prejudice. It will provide a consistent level of service to all parties and manage selection based upon objective business related criteria.

Health & Safety

Xperian Recruitment Ltd will not knowingly put at risk clients or candidates and will inform candidates of risks to health & safety should any be identified.


Xperian Recruitment Ltd will ensure its staff are sufficiently skilled to undertake their responsibilities.

Temporary / Contract Staff

Xperian Recruitment Ltd will pay promptly and accurately agreed wages and benefits. It will not take assignments that may adversely affect its ability to pay temporary / contract workers.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Xperian Recruitment Ltd maintains the confidentiality and privacy of both candidate and client information. It will seek permission prior to passing either party’s confidential information to the other as it performs in accordance with its own obligations.