A Guide to Job Boards

There are over 500 Job Boards available in the UK and 3 main board groups

Generic Job Boards

Covering all roles, markets and geographies including overseas in some cases

Niche Job Boards

Covering a specific market such as Education or IT across all geographies

Geographic Job Boards

Covering all roles in a specific geography such as a County or Town.

Commonly, Recruitment Companies choose a number of Job Boards that meet their advertising and search needs. It is common practice for them to advertise on a Niche Board if they have a specialised focus but will commonly supplement this with a Generic Board. They do this because the Generic Boards attract higher volumes of candidates than the Niche or Geographic Boards.

Tip: Place your CV on at least one Generic Board and one Niche Board. So, if you are a Healthcare worker you might choose NHSJobs as a Niche Board and Monster as a Generic Board.

Different Job Boards offer Recruiters similar tools. Typically, Recruiters can advertise vacancies and search for candidates on any Job Board.

Matched Candidates

Some Job Boards offer Recruiters automatic alerts when newly registered candidates match one of their advertised roles. This can lead to a higher volume of calls to you within the first 48 hours of registering your details or updating your CV on a Job Board.


Searching for Candidates on Job Boards works a little like searching the Internet. Recruitment Consultants use key words and phrases to identify appropriately qualified individuals for a vacancy. One of the available search criteria is the period of time since you registered or last updated your CV. So, refreshing your CV periodically can improve results because Consultants commonly limit searches to candidates who have been active during the previous 30 days.